This year we have a packed schedule with workshops, performances, live bands, and social parties. 



9pm - 2am

Welcome Party

We will kick-off the festival at Cuba Libre Night social dance. DJ Reinier will be spinning the lastest Timba, Reggaeton, and Son of the Island. 

DJ: Reinier Valdes
Location: Lake Chad Cafe



1:30PM - 2:25pm

"Finding the clave” Lecture

A awe-inspiring lecture about the Cuban"clave" music instrument and its leading role in Cuban Popular Music and Dance.

Instructor: Roberto Borrell
Location: Club Sur

2:30PM - 3:25PM

Rumba Guaguanco

With live drummers, learn & develop coordination, rhythm, spatial awareness, & enrich your knowledge of the Cuban Culture.

Instructors: Reinier Valdes & Kati Hernandez
Location: Club Sur

3:30pm - 4:25pm

Son Montuno Workshop

The son montuno is a subgenre of son cubano. The son itself is the most important genre of Cuban popular music.

Instructors: Roberto Borrell
Location: Club Sur

7pm - 9pm

Dinner & Live Traditional Cuban Music

Kiki Valera (who is considered by many to be Cuba's greatest living cuatro player) will be playing traditional Cuban music.

$10 (not included in Fest Passes)
Location: Sea Monsters Lounge.

8:30pm - 2am

Social Night & Performances at Club Sur

Gala night. Dress to impress. Several performances (to the announced), DJ Baracoa will be spinning. 
Location: Club Sur.

(Free for Full Pass Holders or Saturday Single Pass holders)


10:30AM - 11:25AM

Afro-Cuban Workshop

With live drummers, come learn & develop coordination, rhythm, spatial awareness & enrich your knowledge of Cuban Culture.

Instructor: Kati Hernandez
Location: Club Sur

11:30am - 12:25pm

Cuban Styling for Men & Women Workshop

This class is for designed for experienced dancers who want to spice up his/her dance style with Cuban styling techniques.

Instructors: Kati Hernandez & Reinier Valdes
Location: Club Sur

12:30pm - 1:25pm

Rueda de Casino Workshop

Rueda de Casino is a style of salsa dancing for at least two couples, with one leader who calls out different movements or steps.

Instructors: Reinier Valdes & Daniela Gallardo
Location: Club Sur

2pm - 5:30pm

Cuban Social Lunch & Beach Dance Party

We will eat traditional Cuban food at one of Seattle's best Cuban restaurants, & then heading to the beach to dance.

Locations: Geo’s Cuban & Creole Café,  and Golden Gardens Beach

5:30pm - 7pm

Instructors available for private classes

Contact the instructor you would like a private class with.





Workshops have limited space available as we like to keep them intimate and personalized. Register now to reserve your spot. 


Full Fest

This Pass grants you access all 6 workshops throughout Saturday (July 15th) and Sunday (July 16th) workshops, the performances, and the two Social Nights hosted by Seattle Cuban Dance Fest.


Single Day

This Pass will allow you to access one full day (Saturday, July 15th or Sunday, July 16th) of workshops (3 total), the performances, and one of the Social Nights hosted by Seattle Cuban Dance Fest.


This pass will allow you to register to individual workshops of your choice on Saturday (July 15th) or Sunday (July 16th).



This Pass is only for performers of the Fest. It grants you access all 6 workshops throughout Saturday (July 15th) & Sunday (July 16th), the performances, & the 2 Social Nights.




Fest location:

Club Sur
2901 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134